Cemetery Surfin’

Last week, I had an abject lesson in the importance of periodically surfing the Internet for new genealogical information. My mother’s parents were born in Hardin County, TN. I’ve gotten to know most of the family lines and I ‘m glad to say I’ve got cousins there I can visit every few years or so.

I had interviewed a cousin there years ago, before her passing, and she shared lots of information about our Barnes family line. She mentioned her grandmother, and my gggrandmother, Hannah Barnes, was probably buried in a place called Norwood Cemetery.

For the longest time, no one there I knew could remember exactly where Norwood was. Besides, the general vicinity was overgrown, in private hands presumably, and unreachable by any access road. My hopes had pretty much died over the years of ever finding it, although I found references to it in the newspaper of the time, and also a few deeds. This would have been right around the turn of the century.

So a few nights ago I’m searching online for who knows what, and I come across a link to Hardin County, TN Cemeteries that I have looked at many times before. This link has been up forever.

But, it was updated last year.

Lo, and behold, I find Norwood Cemetery! And a wonderful transcription of all 14 headstones, including (insert drumroll here) Hannah Bradley (she had remarried). I was in my house in my pajamas and I just screamed at the computer. Finally, proof that she was buried there, finally proof that the mythical Norwood was real. Finally, exact dates for her birth and death. Her husband is right beside her. There was even a note that Norwood is not a publicly accessible cemetery and that one would need to guide to get to it.

WOW. Of course now, I want a picture of it. Now, I’ll try to get a guide the next time I go.

But ever so often, give yourself an hour or two to just surf the ‘Net, even those sites you have already looked at a million times. You never know what you might find there today.;)